Everyday Should Be Halloween: Look At This Rad Collection of Costumes

Well, the Big Day has come and gone. The preparation, the anticipation, the urgency — all of it is so very liberating and intoxicating. Fleeting too. And what fun transpired. I could tell you about said joviality, or better yet, I could show you. Behold, then, this ghoulish breezy, user-submitted gallery of 2009 Halloween costumes, each constructed around one of our fabulous tees. As you’ll see, some of the entrants are particularly spot-on and painstakingly accurate.

Which, on that note, reminds me: if you have pics you’d like to contribute, message me at travis@founditemclothing.com and I’ll post them in this space. (For the record, I’m desperate for a Nigel, Danny Noonan (with hat, natch), and/or Bluto. Just sayin’…) And as if you needed more enticement (wait — internet celebrity is not enough?), all participants will be eligible to win some FIC swag that we will be raffling off at the end of the month. To sum up: we really want your pictures. Shoot them our way, post-haste!

Click on the photos to compare with our versions and the source material…

Some of Portland’s finest.


Cutters don't die, they just multiply.Cutters Short Shorts

With short-shorts.

Jack Burton

“Everybody relax. I’m here.”

Our friends in the Chicago-based band Mt. St. Helens played a special hometown gig dressed as the cast from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. With the film projected against a backdrop above the stage, no less. That’s some dedication.

“The question isn’t, ‘what are we going to do,’ the question is ‘what aren’t we going to do?'”

Mt. St. Helens Band

Peep the close-up, which reveals a truly loving fidelity to the original:


Next up, we have this incredibly convincing Axel Foley, submitted by Abe in California.

Alex Foley

And one more, for good measure.

Mumford Alex Foley

The Dude abides.

Kaoru Betto

The Dude abides… by the beer bong.

Dude Beer Bong

Cru Jones and Darla Marks, together forever. Submitted by our friends in Florida…

Cru Jones Darla Marks

This shot was recreated straight from the movie; Cru’s gotta have his Kix!

Cru Kix

“Now fry like bacon, you little freshman piggies!”

Side By Side

Here we have a second Cru, accompanied by his sufficiently 80’s-ish BMX; the competition is on!

Cru Jones BMX

Finally, Cecilia sent us these images of herself, dressed as Bob Wiley from the comedic classic, What About Bob?. Note the true-to-the-film accents: Bob’s beloved goldfish, Gil, and his trusty life-preserver.

Bob Wiley Don't Hassle Me

Because we only started selling the Don’t Hassle Me tee this year, we have not yet added it to our annual Halloween Costume Guide. That will change next year, fo’ sho’. Great work Cecilia!

And yours truly, the author, dressed as Stiles. Oh Stiles… miles and miles.

Stiles Blue Pants

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