Animal House

Are you a party animal with a flair for the outrageous? If so, then we have the costume for you: Bluto's iconic College getup from Animal House.

Obviously, the most crucial component of this outfit is our College sweatshirt. It's a distinguished-looking garment that fans of the movie will recognize immediately.

Pair the sweatshirt with a collared plaid button-up. And remember: don't tuck it in. The operative term here is disheveled

You'll also need to score some baggy plaid shorts. Bluto's are a blue-green combo.

The most important accessory for this costume is a bottle, which I trust you can purchase - if you're 21, of course - at your local liquor store.

To compliment this look, you'll want a pair of low-fi kicks, such as Chuck Taylors.

Finish this look with an afro whig, trimmed back to give it a messy, unkempt appearance!