How to Age T-Shirts Tutorial

Six Easy Steps That Anyone Can Do at Home!

The transition from stiff, new tee shirt to soft, threadbare keepsake is an uncomfortable and lengthy drag... but your friends at Found Item Clothing are here to help. We've subjected our esteemed t-shirts to a series of field tests, each experiment conceived to challenge or (confirm) the conventional wisdom and bring a degree of clarity to the t-shirt aging process. Below, we present our initial findings to you, in the form of a comprehensive guide to what works - and, conversely, what doesn't - when aging t-shirts.

Note that How to Age T-Shirts At Home (the Found Item way) is a new project that will be updated in the future as we explore additional techniques and practices. If you have any comments or wish to share your own suggestions, drop us a message.

Finally, a hearty and genuine thank-you to all of our friends, customers and co-workers that brainstormed ideas, volunteered materials, snapped photos, and provided quality control; the end product reflects their varied contributions and we are extremely grateful for said assistance.


- the FIC Team