Danny Noonan - Costume Guide

As Seen in Caddyshack

a man points in the air and wears a red cap, red t-shirt, jeans, and carries a golf bag full of clubs

This year, why not go as Danny Noonan from Caddyshack? Dress as everyone's favorite comic foil to Chevy Chase, clearly the finest work either of them has done.

  • To start with you'll need one of our new and very handsome Bushwood CC Golf Caps. I'd never known such classiness until I adorned my head with this fine cap.
  • Next you'll need the other part of the official caddy uniform, the Bushwood CC Shirt.
  • Then a golf bag and a some golf clubs help bring the whole costume together. Goodwill is always a good source of cheap golf clubs and bags. My set cost about $15, and let me tell you, nothing turns heads at the ol' golf club, like a man that still uses drivers made out of actual wood.
  • A standard pair of jeans should complete the outfit. I'm not sure what kind of shoes he wears, but you can never go wrong with some Chucks...
  • Need some partners to round out your team on the Bushwood links this Halloween? Recruit buddies to play Ty Webb and Tony D'Annunzio!