80s Computer Hacking: A Supercut

We at Found Item Clothing love technology but sometimes it’s good to consider how far we’ve come. In the 80s, computer technology had limitless potential and it clearly shows onscreen. Above is a supercut of the most iconic, most silly and most impressive feats of computer hacking in 80s movies. Roll The Clip!

What movies did we miss? What movies shouldn’t have made the cut? Which hacking is the most patently ridiculous. Which Hacking Movies have the best 80s shirts? Let us know in the comments.

80s Computer Hacking: Supercut

List of 80’s Hacking Movies:
Real Genius T-Shirts
War Games
Superman 3
Revenge of the Nerds
Weird Science
Blade Runner
Never Say Never Again
Jumping Jack Flash
Electric Dreams
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Caduceus T-shirt)
Prince of Darkness
Spies Like Us
Cloak & Dagger

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