Nigel Tufnel

Green Skeleton Shirt from This is Spinal Tap

I'd been waiting for the opportunity to rip the sleeves off my Green Skeleton Shirt, and the day has finally arrived!

You'll need the appropriate hair. This was actually pretty tricky and involved getting a blonde "rocker" wig, doing a really bad dye job on it and then gumming it up with pomade so it didn't stick up in the front. But it was a worthwhile endeavour, an investment that will pay many dividends I'm sure.

A cigarette is an important accessory. 7-Eleven will even sell you a single cigarette. No need for an entire pack when just one will do.

Next, some nice tight black jeans. They're not so hard to find these days. I think you can figure out where to get some on your own.

Lastly, the shoes. I didn't get a good look at Nigel's footwear in this scene, but I'm guessing he wears chucks with black laces, because black laces are more rock and roll than white ones.