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The FIC Costume Guide
You never know when you might need a good costume...

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What are You Looking at Dicknose Shirt

Stiles has amazing fashion and sports a number of awesome shirt / pants combos, but his Dicknose shirt with turquoise blue pants is truly a masterpiece. I'm seriously considering dressing like this every day.

First you'll need a wig (well at least I did) to get that 80's hair style.

Next, you need some classic 80's sunglasses. I picked up a pair from Ebay.

Then, you'll need the What are You Looking at Dicknose shirt, which you can buy here.

And then the red belt. Goodwill's a fine place to look for one. I got a pretty sweet one for $1.99.

Find a Goodwill near you.

Then, the crucial hot turquoise pants. I got mine at the women's section of the Goodwill. Urban outfitters sells some too, but I was too fat to fit into them. Clothing for middle aged women is more my style.

Find a Goodwill near you.

Lastly, a pair of 80's running shoes. You can get some classic Saucony's from Zappos.

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