Breaking Away - Group Costume

Dave Stoller, Moocher, Cyril, and Mike

Cyril: "Hey! Are you really gonna shave your legs?"
Dave: "Certo! All the Italians do it.
Mike: "Ah. Some country. The women don't shave theirs."
New for 2013 here at the Found Item Clothing Costume Guide is an entry for four intrepid souls that want to race through Halloween on a group ride! To wit, the Cutters crew from 1979's coming of age parable Breaking Away, which consists of Dave Stoller, Moocher, Cyril, and Mike, four teens born on the wrong side of the tracks in Bloomington, Indiana. True to the spirt of this project, the costumes can be put together with a minimum of fuss using everyday clothing staples raided from a friend's closet or at your local thriftstore. Click on the thumbs below for more details!