Cyril - Costume Guide

As Seen in Breaking Away

man with short curly hair wears shorts, fingerless gloves, and white t-shirt that says cutters on it

Rock the late 70's track racing style of Breaking Away's Cyril, one of the four members of Bloomington, Indiana's famed Cutters bike gang.

  • First, you need a properly outfitted red racing helmet. We found ours at a local Army Navy surplus store. Use paint or tape to dial in the detailing.
  • Next, you need the shirt. We just happen to have the Cutters shirt, made to spec, right down to the racing number 34 on the back.
  • Then you'll need some navy blue short shorts. Or jorts, which are are equally acceptable. The shorter, the more authentic and keeping with the period. Cyril's pair has some sort of strange patch on the left hip but it's impossible to make it out in any detail.
  • You'll also need some fro hair. Our model graciously sported his unkempt, so no wig was need. Your results may vary.
  • We cut up a pair of gray gardening gloves to get the open-fingered look. They cost about $4 at our local hardware store.
  • And finally, a pair of ratty Converse or similar classic trainers; pair with tube socks, vintage or otherwise, and you're good to go!
  • This year, race through Halloween on a group ride! Pull together three of your friends and form a Cutters team - Dave, Moocher, Mike, and Cyril - for Halloween!