Dave Stoller

As Seen in Breaking Away

a dirty man with shaggy hair sits on a folding chair and wears a white t-shirt and bike shorts with a bike helmet next to him

Rock the late 70's track racing style of Breaking Away's lead figure, Dave Stoller.

  • First, you need a properly outfitted red racing helmet. We found ours at a local Army Navy surplus store. Use paint or tape to dial in the detailing.
  • Next, you need the shirt. We just happen to have the Cutters shirt, made to spec, right down to Dave's racing number 34 on the back.
  • Then you'll need some black bike shorts. The shorter, the more authentic.
  • A little bit of blood on the shins really helps bring the whole costume together (and builds up your biker cred, to boot). You'll also want a bandaged wrapped around the right leg, below the knee.
  • And finally, a pair of ratty converse or similar classic trainers; the dirtier and more beat-up the better.
  • This year, race through Halloween on a group ride! Pull together three of your friends and form a Cutters team - Dave, Moocher, Mike, and Cyril - for Halloween!