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Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll Shirt

Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll Shirt

As Seen in The Lost Boys

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"You'd better get yourself a garlic t-shirt, buddy, or it's your funeral..."

For every vampire, there is a vampire hunter. Count Dracula traded blows with Van Helsing; Deacon Frost went fang-to-fang with Blade; likewise, The Lost Boys were no exception. And to hunt the undead, you need a killer wardrobe. To wit, we present the Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll design, which makes a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the film.

However fleeting, the mix of non-sequitur sloganeering and provocative imagery instantly caught our attention here at FIC HQ... Because this shirt never fully appears on-screen, its loving and faithful recreation was a true challenge and Found Item first! Even more than most of our projects, our design team put in the extra research required to dial down the details such as the Pegasus fontage, the boxed amerpsand and the lo-fi, hand-drawn quality of the M-16 silhouette.

The Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll t-shirt is printed on silver ring spun cotton t-shirts.

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