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International Order for Gorillas Shirt

International Order for Gorillas Shirt

As Seen in Real Genius

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The International Order for Gorillas Shirt is one of our favorite shirts from Real Genius. "Ace this" with the tee Chris Knight wears while he's taking Dr. Hathaway's final exam. We have reproduced this shirt very carefully, spending far too many hours studying the font, layout and even the wrinkles on the gorilla's face, all to ensure the most accurate reproduction of Chris Knight's gorillas t-shirt.

The International Order for Gorillas top is printed on yellow 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Scott Sanders
Awesome shirt

Love this shirt, I wear it often, and keep waiting for someone to recognize it but no one has. Losers.

Shirt fits great and feels amazing, great quality shirt from my absolute favorite 80s film.

Ken Larson
Great shirt from a great moview

I love this shirt, even though people who don't know the movie give me strange looks.

Tim Walters
"I had help...!"

I've wanted this shirt for QUITE some time. I came...I've's AWESOME! If you're thinking about it, go ahead...get it. You'll be glad you did!

Dipshit Knight
“I drank what?”

You cannot find a better quality T-shirt than here at Found Item Clothing. This shirt is an EXACT replica of the one worn by Val Kilmer. I’m a major stickler for accuracy and this (and just about all FIC) checks all the boxes.

I’m already planning to do a full Chris Knight cosplay complete with it all. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you very much FIC for producing such faithful movie shirts.

My only question...”would you be prepared if gravity reversed itself?”

John Kershner
Wonderful shirt.

Wonderful shirt. So glad it's back in stock. It's the tiny red eyes that really clinch it. Perfect recreation. Still have no idea what the shirt is or means, but it's hysterical.

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