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Tech Noir Shirt

Tech Noir Shirt

As Seen in The Terminator

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Kyle Reese: "The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human... sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero on him."
Sarah Connor: "Look... I am not stupid, you know. They cannot make things like that yet."
Kyle Reese: "Not yet. Not for about 40 years."
Sarah Connor: "Are you saying it's from the future?"
Kyle Reese: "One possible future. From your point of view... I don't know tech stuff."
Sarah Connor: "Then you're saying you're from the future, too. Is that right?"
Kyle Reese: "Right."
Sarah Connor: "Right."

The first design to receive the Found Item treatment in 2012, the Tech Noir shirt was inspired by the nightclub of the same name from the original Terminator. Savvy fans of the film will remember that Tech Noir's dance floor provided the setting for the initial shootout between our time-traveling hero, Kyle Reese, and the murderous T-800.

As with all of our creations, the Found Item team has labored overtime to produce the design's distinctive features, in this case the pencil-thin, neon-colored marquee script. To help ensure that this effect was transferred to the printing process, we employed a three-color screen to capture the source material's buzzy, glowing properties.

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