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It's that special time of year...time to get yourself a bunch of presents!  You could also get some for other people, too... but only if you want to.  If you've got any Nerds, Jocks, Troublemakers, Party Animals or Geniuses on your holiday list this year, or just someone who needs a fun pair of slippers... read on for our top, most gift-able picks!

For Nerds:

High on Stress long sleeve t-shirt with red sleeves and white body   Olive green t-shirt with gold Caduceus symbol   t-shirt with blue sleeves and gray body that says Greasy Tony's on the front    White t-shirt that says Who Farted? in red letters on the front

For Jocks:

gray long-sleeved t-shirt that says Mumford Phys. Ed. Dept on the front   White t-shirt with red neck band and arm band.  The shirt Says Clifton in red letters across the chest and has a foot with a wing on it.   Red baseball hat with embroidered patch on the front that says "Bushwood"   light blue t-shirt with navy blue neck band and arm bands.  Shirt says Res Firma Mitescere Nescit on the front.

For Troublemakers:

Tan t-shirt that says the words Bull Shit on the front in dark brown letters   t-shirt with yellow sleeves and white body.  on the back it reads "chico's Bail Bonds, Let freedom ring" with a black bell   White women's t-shirt with the word "Seniors" on the front in royal blue.   light brown t-shirt with a black pot leaf on the front

For Real Geniuses:

white t-shirt with navy blue neck band and arm bands.  shirt says "I Heart Toxic Waste" on the front in dark blue letters   yellow t-shirt with a red circle on the front and a black picture of a gorilla face.  letters in the circle read "International Order for Gorillas"   light blue t-shirt with the words "Surf Nicaragua" on the front in dark blue letters, with a small picture of a surfer.        

For Party Animals:

   Black t-shirt with the image of a tuxedo printed on the front   Women's pink t-shirt with the words "Dance Your Ass Off" on the front of it.   Black t-shirt with a bright green ribcage and spinal column printed on it

For People Whose Feet Are Always Cold:

Pair of white bunny slippers with pink nose, ears, and long whiskers    Pair of slippers that look like Sigmund Freud   Pair of slippers that look like big hairy feet   
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