Old School Shirts: Cool Vintage Football Jerseys

The Fall season brings colder nights, shorter days and of course, the return of the One, True football season. As people prepare to tailgate and cheer on their team, it’s worth noting how far the game has come. The developments in speed and strategy are the most recognizable but the change in outerwear is just as dramatic. Here we present the coolest football jerseys from way back in the day. Enjoy!

Back then "Unnecessary Roughness" was called "Blatant Tomfoolery."
Back then “Unnecessary Roughness” was called “Blatant Tomfoolery.”
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 1897 Harvard football photo

Back in the day, you had to wear something that would keep you warm, so turtle necks were standard fare for college players in the early days. What better way to show that you were a scholar-athlete than a turtle neck?

Winged Helmet

Old school football jersey’s were big on stripes; they were kind of a big deal. They put stripes on the shoulders and elbows of jerseys. Some madmen put stripes on helmets. Those madmen were called visionaries.

Old Jersey

The University of Michigan was and is especially crazy about their yellow stripes.

More Stripes!!!
More Stripes!!!
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Professional football teams got on the stripe craze as well. Here we see a vintage 1934 Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. Note the original green and yellow coloring!

Fiesta 05

For a good chunk of the 80s, college football saw the popularity of jerseys that didn’t completely cover the torso rise. This was famously exhibited by the University of Miami who dominated college football in the 80s.

1980 Cowboys

Of course the greatest team to grace this country would reach the style apex! The Dallas Cowboys jersey design is reminiscent of the old Ohio State Buckeyes uniform. The style of America’s team has been unmatched which is ironic given their most recent post-season performances.

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