I’m On A Boat: The Bantu Wind Tramp Steamer Tee

Last Exit to Nowhere is easily one of the better movie-themed tee cos. on the web today. They’ve built a deep catalog around some relatively obscure movie references, most of which are executed with expert flair and precision. Their newest design, the Bantu Wind Tramp Steamer tee, is a clever nod to the fictional vessel of the same name from the very first Indiana Jones flick, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Attentive fans will remember it as the boat that the Nazis board and make off with Indy’s ladyfriend, Marion Ravenwood, as the film meters towards its climactic beat.

Take a peek:

Bantu Wind Tramp Steamer Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark


Bantu Wind tramp Steamer indiana Jones Raiders of the lost Ark Detail

Refresh your memory with this handy, fan-made clip (please excuse the regrettable soundtrack). You can forward to the boat sequence at the 1:32 mark:

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