Chicks With Sticks: Outtakes From Our Halloween Shoot

Overflow images from our annual Halloween shoot.

Heathers Shoot Big Fun
Big fun.

 Red Heather Big Hair

Big hair, with attitude to match.

 Red Heather - Scheming

Green Heather Stick
Stick it to me.
Yellow Heather Bombshell

The aforementioned sticks.

Croquet Mallets

Mallets 2

Croquet Mallets 3

Croquet Balls

Croquet Mallets 5

Croquet Mallets 6

Croquet Mallets 7

Costumes, minimized.

The Ringleader
The ringleader.
The Cheerleader
The cheerleader.
The Bulimic
The bulimic

Because you never know when you might need a good costume…

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