Block Party: Seven Puzzling Rubix Cube-Themed Tee Shirts

Much as with movies, television programs and video games of the era, popular toys from the 80’s are providing today’s t-shirt designers (and moviemakers) with fodder for the creative process. In particular, the Rubik Cube — which has sold more than 350 million units since its creation by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Emo Rubik in 1974, making it the top-selling puzzle time-suck of all time — has emerged as a go-to motif for numerous graphic artists of a geeky or obsessive bent. Below, I’ve compiled a list of 5 7 smart shirts that feature or riff on the venerable 80’s icon in one fashion or another.

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7. That’s cheating!

Problem Solved

6. I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but I like it.


5. This officially licensed shirt from Homage Clothing speaks to the difficulty that a mixed-up Rubix Cube presents. On an aside, I really dig the juxtaposition of the throwback cursive with the fatty fontage.

Rubiks Cube Homage

4. Some people really obsess over the Rubix Cube, strategizing quicker solutions and dreaming up new challenges (blindfolded, underwater, one-handed, etc.). This tee, entitled “I’m Good With My Hands,” makes the perfect gifts for such individuals.

I'm Good With My Hands

3. I think an integral part of the Cube’s lasting appeal are the bright, primary colors. This design from Glennz Tees captures that sentiment to a ‘tee’ (pun intended).

Glennz Melting Rubiks Cube Shirt

Once more, in super-zoom:

Melting Rubiks Cube detail


2. Re-imagining the workplace as a Rubik Cubicle, this inspired spoof from Loiter Apparel appeals to those people that see the world through a candy-colored, Cubed prism.

Rubiks Cubical shirt

Dude-free design:

Rubiks Cube Tee Detail

1. Yes!

Rubiks Cube Success!

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