Vince Shirt

Vince Shirt

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"Vincent? Yeah? Don't change the shirt. It's a nice touch."

Or so opines Paul Newman's "Fast" Eddie Felson character to Tom Cruise's Vincent Lauria in the best film ever made about shooting stick, 1986's The Color of Money. A timeless fable about the student and the teacher, the movie explores the boundaries of character, ego, pride, confidence, youth, sex, and money. Cruise, in spectacular form here as an ascending, cocksure can't-miss talent, dons the tee in a number of scenes in the first-half of the film, both at the pool table and away from it. As his game progresses, Vince grows into the role of a skilled professional, ditching his casual threads for more distinguished formal wear - and sophisticated hustles.

The moral here: this t-shirt exudes a winning charisma, even if your name isn't Vincent...The Vince shirt is printed on black ring spun cotton t-shirts.

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