You Realize If We Played By The Rules, Right Now We’d Be In Gym?

Playing hooky is really just a state of mind. Take, for instance, the amazing photo embedded below, which was submitted by our friend — and Found Item fan — Jeremy.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Group Costume

Using screen grabs from the film (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, duh), J and his pals painstakingly sourced all of the elements needed to recreate the principal characters’ wardrobe. One such piece, naturally enough, was our Caduceus design (far right). The fidelity to the original, as a whole here, is rather remarkable; our kudos, gang.

UPDATE: We spoke with Jeremy about his photo earlier in the week. Here’s what he had to say…

IG211: So, where’d the idea come from for a group rendition of the Ferris Bueller crew?

J: “My friend Allison (Sloane) came up with the idea. Her husband is Ian (Ferris), my girlfriend Christine (Jeannie), and I (Cameron) thought it was perfect because we could each go as such recognizable characters and still be part of a group theme.”

IG211: What kind of prep was involved and what where some of the harder items to source? And where did you find them?

J: “Allison found the fringe jacket on eBay, which was the essential part of pulling off the Sloane costume! I had been to Found Item before to stock up on Real Genius shirts (editor’s note: sweet!), so I knew exactly where to turn when I needed the shirt Cameron had in the movie. The key to Jeannie was definitely the hair. That’s real hair too, no wig! Everything else was scavenged from Goodwill and other second-hand stores.”

IG211: How’d you stumble across our version of the Caduceus tee?

J: “Late one night after watching Real Genius for the 3.14159th time I was on a mission to find something, ANYTHING Real Genius related on the web. That’s when I found the holy grail of movie related shirts, you guys! I have your catalog memorized, so when the Cameron costume idea came up it was a no-brainer on where to get that shirt.” (Blushing…)

IG211: And then the reaction from your friends and family (and or strangers). What was that like?

J: “The four of us went to the same party that night. It was kind of cold so I had a Red Wings jersey with “HOWE” lettering done with white tape on the back. Finding a real HOWE jersey was tough, and way too expensive. At first people weren’t sure what was going on, then we all stood next to each other and everyone got it. I took the jersey off to let the Caduceus shirt shine. Because of that awesome shirt I was the only character that was recognizable without being around the other guys. I have to admit though, we pulled it off so good that year that I’m not even interested in dressing up this year. How(e) can we ever top it?! I’ll have to find something else on Found Item I guess :)”

Which, conveniently enough, reminds me that our new Halloween Costume Guide is now live. 28 entries, all modeled around movie characters, some iconic (like, say, Cameron from FBDO), others obscure. Check out the entire spread via this link!

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