A Valentine's Day Guide for People Who Hate Love

So maybe you're not the "romantic type." 

Red roses make you roll your eyes, and heart-shaped chocolates make you want to vom.  We get it, and we're here for you.  But just because Love Stinks, it doesn't mean your Valentine's Day has to!  While those other dummies are whispering sweet nothings over their tragic candle-lit dinners, you can be having the time of your life, while looking sharp af!  Here are our tips for enjoying the Best (Worst) Valentine's Day Ever!     


Why not profess your love for something other than love?  This snazzy I Love Toxic Waste Tee will do just the trick.  Who needs other humans anyway...?  Not you!    

This V-day, ditch those sappy Rom-Coms and get down with some Stephen King!  From books to movies to recurring nightmares, Stephen gives you everything you need, human affection be damned.  Pro tip: if you get spooked, you can hold your own hand!

Nothing says "Back off, Bozo!" like this Don't Hassle Me shirt!  They'll see you coming from a mile away and know that you're most definitely not down to clown.  Pairs well with: Franzia.  


Yooooooo....now here's what I call a look!  When you're determined to put your worst foot forward, throw on this Bull Shit Shirt, to really set the not-even-a-little-bit-romantic mood.  On a semi-related note...who says smashing stuff can only be enjoyed on Halloween?  This year, consider smashing some of the bull shit V-day symbols that are keeping you down, like this stupid-ass teddy bear:

Well, that concludes our Valentine's Day Guide.  We hope that you picked up a few tips and tricks to make this year's V-Day the worst one ever!  From all of us here at FIC, have a fun and (kind of) safe holiday!  

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