Three easy Halloween costumes that show you’re here to party hearty!

Halloween is a big time of year for us at Found Item Clothing. To help you celebrate the spooky holiday in the best way possible, our diverse and creative do-it-yourself costume guide is a must-see. And inside that guide let’s take a closer look at a few of the costumes that are centered on a Halloween tradition: partying hard! We’re going to show how easy it can be to dress for that big party as Bluto (Animal House), the Dude (The Big Lebowski), and those Canadian bros Bob & Doug McKenzie (Strange Brew)!

Bluto Costume

Belushi Animal House Halloween Costume

While we don’t condone consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, you really can’t beat going as Bluto if heavy drinking is your thing on Halloween. Key to the costume is one of our College sweatshirts. With that bit of kit alone you transform in a wild man or woman! For the full effect you’ll also want a untucked plaid button-up shirt, baggy plaid shorts (blue-green colors for accuracy), a bottle of Jack Daniels, some running/tennis/skate shoes like Chuck Taylors (but any will do), and an afro wig.


The Dude Costume

Jeff Bridges The Dude Halloween Costume

Abide by the Dude with this very laid back, comfortable costume made famous by Jeff Bridges. Crucial to the look is one of our Kaoru Betto long sleeve shirts. A White Russian drink and a joint are next; recreational weed is legal in a few states so if you live in one of those enlightened promised lands you can probably use the real deal. Don a pair of loose blue pajama bottoms and then top it off with a brownish bath robe. If you need to, get a long haired wig and fake goatee. Wear sunglasses at night and walk around in flip flops and maybe you’ll be invited to crazy beach parties, too!

Bob & Doug Costume

Bob And Doug Halloween Costume

“Get me ‘nuther beer, eh?” Canada never had it as good as when Bob & Doug McKenzie were leading their charge to save the world from tainted Elsinore brews. For this costume idea round up a good buddy. Starting with Bob, you’ll need a red plaid flannel shirt, a white undershirt, and a pair of dark blue jeans, hoser. Source a tan jacket and wear with tan snow boots. The crowning piece is a green beanie with a Canadian flag patch. Wear the patch offset to one side.

Doug is similar to Bob, only with a blue color scheme. Get a blue plaid flannel, a white tshirt, and a pair of dark blue jeans. Over that wear a blue work jacket and tan snow boots. Dark blue/navy ear muffs with a knit cap complete the look.

Any of these great, inexpensive, and easy to assemble costumes will keep you comfortable while you’re living it up on the Halloween party circuit!

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