Supercut Iconic Movie Sunglasses 1962-2012




T-shirts are the currency of the realm here at It Goes to 11, but on occasion we turn our gaze to cool accessories. Like, say, sunglasses.

Even cooler than normal sunnies (as the Australians might say) are shades from the reel world (that is to say, film). To wit, we’ve cobbled together a supercut of our favorite movie sunglasses and embedded it above.

Between classic selections from Back to the Future, Dr. Strangelove, and pretty much everything Tom Cruise appears in to a variety of carefully vetted darkhorse entries, we’ve stitched our excellent eyewear into a triumphant aggregation, all soundtracked to a 1966 Dean Martin gem entitled “Shades” (apropos, yes?).

Movies, as sequenced, after the jump:


They Live
Cool Hand Luke
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Shirts
Blues Brothers Shirts
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Thomas Crown Affair
Repo Man
The Iron Giant
The Lost Boys
Risky Business
The Breakfast Club
X-Men Shirts
Iron Man Shirts
Hot Fuzz
Aliens Shirts
Back to the Future 2
Thelma & Louise
Dr. Strangelove
Top Gun Shirts
Natural Born Killers
Easy Rider
The Hangover
The Big Lebowski Baseball Shirt
The Royal Tenenbaums
Fight Club Shirts

The Color of Money
The Matrix
Taxi Driver
Apocalypse Now
They Live T-Shirts
Teen Wolf Shirts
Reservoir Dogs
License to Drive
Back to the Future Shirts
Beverly Hills Cop 2
Point Break
Leon / The Professional
Repo Man
Big Trouble in Little China Shirt
True Romance
Mission Impossible 2
Cool Hand Luke
Risky Business

Conceived, researched, and curated by Travis Greenwood; edited and sequenced with maximum aplomb by the estimably talented Brett Roberts.

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