Going to a 1980s Beach Party? Here's What to Wear, and What NOT to Wear!

So you're headed to a Beach Party and want to look your best, but with all the styles from all the decades out there, your head is spinning.  Well, never fear, we've scoured 1980s cinema for the best beachy style tips--and faux pas to avoid--to make getting beach-ready a snap.  Read on to party on...and see you at the beach!   

There's a lot to learn from Weekend at Bernie's:

DO: Embrace twinning!  The beach is always better with a buddy...and it's a great place to show off your breeziest BOGO scores!  

DON'T: Bring heavy accessories!  Socks, gold watches, and dead people will really weigh you down.  

Next up, tips-n-tricks from Top Gun:

DO: Wear floral shorts and a sweet cutoff!  Two tickets to the gun show please! 

DON'T: Wear jeans!  Uhhh....zero tickets to the rodeo please! 

Let's zoom and enhance:

To channel that classic California style, let's take a look at Valley Girl: 

DO: Give yourself a manicure!  When you get to the beach, there might be a lot of sitting around.  Why not elevate your look with a mani/pedi? 

DON'T: Forget to manscape!  Or you might end up with slightly traumatizing chest hair like Nic Cage!  

Kids love the beach, especially Karate Kids: 

DO: Strike a pose!  So you're at the beach and looking fly, but what should you do next?  Why not take this opportunity to show off your best moves?  We're also loving this chunky headband!!

DON'T: Fall down!  This is embarrassing! 

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