How to Accessorize Like Bob Wiley

Planning a summer capsule wardrobe?  Well, nobody does it quite like Bob Wiley (from 1991's What About Bob? starring Bill Murray).   

While vacationing by the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, Bob moves effortlessly from day to evening with some easy breezy, fashion-forward accessories!  Here are some style tips we picked up from a day in the life of Bob.

Bob's Morning Look

To get Bob's fresh, bold-yet-simple morning look, the main ingredient is a Don't Hassle Me tee.  Believe me, it's a statement in itself!  You can get one here.  Add a silver watch, cut-off khakis, light blue socks, and sensible shoes, and you're ready for whatever the day brings!

Bob's Maritime Style

Add a few accessories to get Bob's sailing look!  Most importantly, you'll need three (yes, three) bright orange life preservers.  One for your torso and two, innovatively, for your legs.  (Personally, I don't think leg accessories are talked about nearly enough!!)  Top it all off with a jaunty collection of ropes and carabiners, and you're ready to board a seaworthy craft.

Bob's Dinner Attire

When it's time for an elegant, lakeside dinner, simply tuck an oversized blue gingham dish towel into the stretchy neckband of your Don't Hassle Me tee.  (Did we mention you can get one here?).  This will protect the vibrant yellow lettering from any spills, splashes, or medical emergencies.  Not to mention--it looks summery and fabulous!  To complete the look, add a personalized hospital bracelet, an ear of corn (hand-shucked, of course), and the last piece of chicken.

Well, well, well.  What a day it was!  We hope you feel inspired to put your wardrobe in therapy and invest in a few new pieces, for instance, three life preservers.  

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