Four Excellent Group Costumes From 80's Movies

In case you haven’t noticed, the Found Item Clothing costume guide is back again with some new entries! Here we’ll highlight some of the best group costumes from the guide that sprang from 80s movies.



Stand By Me

stand by me group costume


Looking for dead bodies this Halloween? Well you and your buddies should go in style, Stand By Me stye! Capture the magic of childhood, camping and benign parental neglect with this awesome 4 person ensemble.

Sixteen Candle


To pull off this group costume, you’ll need awkwardness on the part of at least one member of this ensemble. You’ve got to sell the angst if you’re gonna dress the part! But no matter your level of teenage indignation, everyone will recognize the classic movie that the costume references.

Wet Hot American Summer

wet hot american summer group costume

If you and your friends want to look like the picture of competence and responsibility, look no further. This is the best Halloween group costume for those that want to keep the spirit of Camp Firewood aglow.

Caddy Shack

bushwood caddy shack group costume

While there’s only 2 caddies pictured here, there’s no limit to how many people can participate in this group costume, after all there were several caddies running around chasing tips, securing scholarships, and guiding people that bogeyed all over the place. Whether you’re a Danny Noonan or a Tony D’Annunzio, with this group costume you’re guaranteed a good time on the green.

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