Classic Couples Costumes from 80's Movies

Halloween is fast approaching! Are you ready for the costumed festivities? If you and your significant other are still grasping for a good costume idea, check out our 80s Movie Costume Guide. And here we’ll show you the perfect 80s movie costumes for couples around!

80's Movie Couple Costumes


Baby Houseman & Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing Couple Costume

It might be too much to say that this costume will help you have the time of your life, but people will definitely love you now that you can dance. This is Dirty Dancing costume is easy to put together, now you’ll just need to work on the lift.

Charlie & Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man

Rain Man Couple Costume

Anyone can wear this costume as long as one of you agrees to be unreasonable and very insistent at the worst possible time. The other should try to be as practical and callous as possible until you realize that your partner can win you money. This Rain Man costume will leave you stylish and self-actualized.

Brad & Janet from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Brad & Janet Rocky Horror Couple Costume

Did you want to celebrate Halloween bewildered and ordered around? Did you want to get into interesting situations with even more interesting people? If so, the Brad & Janet costume is the one for you. With these Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes you’ll spend some time getting these clothes on and then watch as people around you try to get them off.

Slater & Darla Marks from Dazed & Confused

Dazed and Confused Couples Costume

Celebrate the power and wonder of high school with this Slater & Darla Marks costume from Dazed & Confused. Boss around freshman and get stoned in these costumes meant for livin’ man! High school probably wasn’t the best years of your life but this vintage Dazed and Confused costume will make this Halloween one of the best nights.

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