80s Holiday Party Lessons From Trading Places

Trading Places is a movie replete with lessons whether you’re on the up and up or down in the dumps. It also has one of the best Christmas party scenes in all of film, certain to entertain even the biggest scrooges among us. But before you head out to your respective New Years celebrations, remember the timeless party lessons from this 80s classic.

 Trading Places Dan Aykroyd Eddie Murphy Santa Gun

Come Prepared

Dan Aykroyd Santa Trading Places Guns Santa

Sure we all go to holiday parties armed, how else do you avoid a lot of boring stories? But the point is to not have to use it. When you go to a party, go with a plan. Know who your friends are, know who you’re going to avoid, know who you’re going to incriminate.

“Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints”

You’re going to look pretty strange if you eat food from a party outside the party. And if you take booze you’re simultaneously the worst and subject to open container laws. Why bring such problems on yourself during holiday season. Enjoy food and beverages at the party or at least be very sneaky about taking the stuff.

Drink Responsibly

Trading Places Dan Aykroyd Santa Drink

While some take the opening bar of “12 Days of Christmas” or any holiday song as a cue to get obliterated, going beyond rosy cheeked could leave you feeling less jolly and get you more acquainted with a yuletide toilet. Especially if you’re Santa, getting Blitzen-ed might lead others to think you’ll be staggering to town with a list you can’t even read let alone check twice.

Have a Ride Home

Trading Places Santa Dan Aykroyd

There is nothing worse than being full of Christmas cheer and libations with no way home except on foot. Taxis are going to be in high demand and probably not the best sanitary conditions on a holiday. Besides if you’re walking home alone, how will your friends and fellow travelers appreciate your uninhibited renditions of “Auld Lang Syne?” Having a designated driver with a designated vehicle will help you resonate with melody!

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