Wonder Woman - Costume Guide

a woman with dark brown hair stands with arms in the air wearing a wonder woman costume

Wonder Woman has worn a number of outfits thru the years, so there's no one correct approach to this costume. Our interpretation pays homage to the best elements of each.

  • Begin with the Wonder Woman t-shirt.
  • A wig, for those that need it.
  • Next, add the tiara. If you're the crafty type, this could be a homemade project.
  • Accent with matching power bracelets. Again, these could be fashioned at home.
  • You'll also need one of Wonder Woman's signature props, the Lasso of Truth. A stretch of rope spraypainted gold would work nicely.
  • Round out with blue hot pants - or mini-skirt. Affix with white stars if time permits.
  • And then arguably the most crucial element - Red Go-Go Boots!