Vincent Lauria

The Color of Money

At the pool table, you either hustle or you get hustled. The Vince costume will mark you as a confident, winning pool player, even if you're name isn't Vincent.

For starters, you'll need the VINCE t-shirt, a truly striking and modern piece of self-aggrandizing text. To quote the source material, "it's in the way that you use it." Clearly...

A pair of gaudy aviator shades will provide the necessary accent, but they need not be expensive. Don't forget to poof your hair!

A pool cue is also a required accoutrement. You probably don't have the funds for a real Balabushka, so grab a cheapie at your thrift store of choice.

Below the waist, Vince sports a simple pair of black jeans. Try your roommate's closet, or here again, your local Goodwill.

A black leather jacket and matching boots complete the outfit.

True completists will also want to track down a small stud earring.