Tyler Durden - Costume Guide

As Seen in Fight Club

man wearing red sunglasses, a sock it to me shirt, plaid pants carries a fur coat and is covered in blood

The first rule of costume re-creation is that you don't talk about costume re-creation...  Unless you want to re-create Tyler Durden's look from Fight Club...we'll make an exception and talk about it here.

  • Obviously, you'll want to start with Tyler's Sock It To Me t-shirt, fighting words to some, poetry to others. Get the sock it to me shirt or even better, the short sleeve sweatshirt.
  • A pair of red sunnies come next. The real deal will set you back roughly $1000, but you can find knockoffs on ebay at a fraction of the cost.
  • We sourced the old man golf pants at our local thrift store (Tyler sports a pair in his very first appearance in the film during the "ass or crotch" sequence). Ditto for the faux fur jacket-o.
  • Add a cigarette (fake or otherwise), prop pistol, and smeared blood and you're ready to rock. The alter ego? That's on you. In the words of the man himself, "Just. Let. Go."