Tony D'Annunzio - Costume Guide

As Seen in Caddyshack

a man stands with his arms crossed and a cigarette in his mouth, wearing sunglasses, a red tank top and black pants

Danny Noonan a bit too square for your taste? Dress this year as his chief rival, Tony D'Annunzio, Bushwood's resident Italian Stallion from Caddyshack.

  • To start, you'll want one of our exceedingly proper Bushwood CC Golf Caps. I'd never known such classiness until I adorned my head with this fine cap.
  • Next you'll need the other part of the official caddy uniform, the Bushwood CC Shirt. Don't forget to cut at the shoulders. Tony's guns are much too sexy for sleeves.
  • Now it's time to raid your Dad's wardrobe or hit Goodwill. You'll need black slacks, a thin brown belt, dark shoes or boots, and black golf gloves. For extra attitude, add a cigarette and mirrored aviator shades.
  • Then the final touch: a golf bag and clubs to bring the ensemble together. The local thrift shop is a great source of cheap golf clubs and bags; this collection cost set us back about $20. Because Tony is a hustler on the greens, he's not afraid to shoulder a bag on each arm. Twice the bags, twice the sweet, sweet cash.
  • Need some partners to round out your team on the Bushwood links this Halloween? Recruit buddies to play Danny Noonan and Ty Webb!