Stiles Life Sucks - Costume Guide

As Seen in Teen Wolf

man with dark hair and long sideburns wears sunglasses, red pants, and a yellow shirt that says life sucks then you die

We love Stiles from Teen Wolf and his outrageous wardrobe so much that we've added a second entry to this year's costume guide. To quote the character himself, "What can I say - you're beautiful."

  • Start with the Life Sucks t-shirt, a witty slogan tee that speaks to our protagonist's cocky chutzpah and self-assured preening.
  • You might need a hair piece to achieve that 80's hair styling.
  • Complement with a pair of eye-catching red jeans. I found mine at Urban Outfitters but the local Goodwill is always a smart option for those that want to achieve this look on the cheap.
  • You'll also need a matching red belt. Again, the neighborhood thrift store or Goodwill is a good source for all manner of beltery.
  • Accessorize with a pair of black, plastic sunglasses. Gas stations, thrift stores, the Internet, your friend's dashboard - all are potential sources here.
  • Lastly, a pair of 80's running shoes completes Stiles' style!