Snake Plissken

Escape from New York

"You go in, find the President, bring him out in 24 hours, and you're a free man..."

Start with the black eye patch.

You'll likely need a wig to match Kurt Russell's flowing locks. We found ours, and then trimmed it back.

The black zipper tank top is the toughest get on your list. Buy that from us here.

Optional: a distressed leather jacket (brown).

Add a pair of gray camo pants.

We wrapped a pair of catcher's shin guards in aluminum foil and completed the ensemble with black work boots.

Don't forget the weapons! Knives, throwing stars, and holsters were sourced at our local Army surplus shop. The blaster was retrofitted with a black plastic tube to make it look more like Snake's Uzi (which in the movie comes complete with a silencer and scope). For bonus points, add a blocky, '80s briefcase, complete with snapped handcuff, and an unspooled cassette tape.

The tracking bracelet and life clock on Snake's wrists were cribbed together using materials purchased at our local craft shop.