Sam Bell - Costume Guide

As Seen in Moon

a man with brown hair and a brown beard wears a yellow t-shirt and red pants

We present to you the Sam Bell costume, as inspired by 2009's Moon.

  • Obviously, the central element of this ensemble is our Wake Me When It's Quitting Time design. Because harvesting space rock in isolation on an off-world lunar colony is such a drag...
  • To reproduce Sam's hirsute appearance, you'll likely need a beard and a wig. We found ours locally at Portland's Wig Land, but the internet has a large assortment to choose from.
  • Add a crash helmet with a bit of red striping. We repurposed ours from the Cru Jones shoot.
  • You'll also need crimson sweats, hiked up ankle high.
  • Finish the look with a pair of clunky white trainers and striped tube socks. The former were found at the nearby Walmart (for $12!); the latter, from American Apparel.
  • Extra credit: find a treadmill.