Sam Bell


New for 2011 is the Sam Bell costume, as inspired by 2009's Moon

Obviously, the central element of this ensemble is our Wake Me When It's Quitting Time design. Because harvesting space rock in isolation on an off-world lunar colony is such a drag...

To reproduce Sam's hirsute appearance, you'll likely need a beard and a wig. We found ours locally at Portland's Wig Land, but the internet has a large assortment to choose from.

Add a crash helmet with a bit of red striping. We repurposed ours from the Cru Jones shoot.

You'll also need crimson sweats, hiked up ankle high.

Finsh the look with a pair of clunky white trainers and striped tube socks. The former were found at the nearby Walmart (for $12!); the latter, from American Apparel.

Extra credit: find a treadmill.