Ricky Vaughn - Costume Guide

As Seen in Major League

man wearing baseball hat, baseball jersey and pants, sneakers, and holding a baseball glove

Now here's a sporty ensemble just for the warlocks, Ricky Vaughn from Major League.

  • Start with our Wild Thing t-shirt, a winning garment with tiger blood for ink.
  • To look the part of a fireballing relief pitcher, you'll need the following accountrements: Cleveland Indians cap, black nerd specs (adorned themselves with a small skull & crossbones), and eye black.
  • You'll also need a pair of stripped baseball pants and socks to match. Ours were generously provided by The Red Light, Portland's premiere vintage shop.
  • Don't forget the glove and ball.
  • Complete the costume with baseball cleats or something sporty, such as a pair of Chuck Taylors.