Randy's Sr. Pizza Uniform

Senor Pizza Shirt from Loverboy

I think this is my favorite costume, and I'd like to thank Adam Ross over at DVDPanche for the concept. I had something else cooked up (pun intended), but the Sr. Pizza costume was just too good to pass on. Any outfit that involves a mustache is a winner in my book.

To begin, you'll need a sombrero.

The mustache is a crucial, must-have component.

And then, you'll need a Senor Pizza shirt.

Next, a Red Vest. I found one on eBay that was quite reasonable, and Goodwill's always an option too. Note that perfectionists will need one with white piping.

If you haven't been to your local pizzeria lately, you should stop by and ask them for a cardboard box. The nice folks at Lenzini Pizza gave me a shiny new one for free.

For the bottom part of this costume, some green scrub pants will turn the trick. There are about 1 million places that sell scrubs online.