McKinley - Costume Guide

As Seen in Wet Hot American Summer

a man wears a white t-shirt with a track shoe on it, and red shorts

If you need a hot Halloween Costume, McKinley from Wet Hot American Summer is definitely the choice. I know y'all secretly pine for the day short shorts make their comeback, so this is yer chance to make it happen.

  • To start with, you need our famous (not so much, really, but it's still pretty sweet) Clifton track shirt.
  • Then you need an old school Casio watch. There's a nice selection to choose from on eBay.
  • Next, get some hot, red short shorts. I'm sporting a pair of American Apparel girls running shorts - yep girls, 'cause i'm secure like that. The guys' shorts don't have the white trim, which is an absolute necessity.
  • And then the red tube socks. I got some from American Apparel. Not bad, though they did add an extra stripe...
  • Lastly, a nice pair of old school navy blue Saucony running sneaks.
  • Hunting for a group costume? Pair up with Gary and Gene, your fellow employees at Camp Firewood, and form a hilarious trio.