Clifton Shirt from Wet Hot American Summer

If you need a hot Halloween Costume, McKinley is definitely the choice. I know y'all secretly pine for the day short shorts make their comeback, so this is yer chance to make it happen.

To start with, you need our famous (not so much, really, but it's still pretty sweet) Clifton track shirt.

Then you need an old school Casio watch. There's a nice selection to choose from on eBay.

Next, get some hot, red short shorts. I'm sporting a pair of American Apparel girls running shorts - yep girls, 'cause i'm secure like that. The guys' shorts don't have the white trim, which is an absolute necessity.

And then the red tube socks. I got some from American Apparel. Not bad, though they did add an extra stripe...

Lastly, a nice pair of old school navy blue Saucony running sneaks.

Hunting for a group costume? Pair up with Gary and Gene, your fellow employees at Camp Firewood, and form a hilarious trio.