Lordy, Lordy, Guess Who's 40: Answer Key

1. Escape from New York

Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, a convict attempting to save the POTUS from a crime-ridden NYC.

2. Halloween II

Jamie Lee Curtis, as Laurie Strode, tries to avoid gettin' slashed by Michael Myers (again) in this sequel to 1978's Halloween.

3. Bustin' Loose

Richard Pryor as Joe Braxton, and Cicely Tyson as Vivian Perry, as a parolled ex-con and a school teacher (respectively), on a madcap bus trip through rural Washington State. 

4. The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Lily Tomlin as the Shrinking Woman herself, Pam Kramer, who shrinks( incredibly) after being exposed to a strange chemical perfume. 

5. Stripes

Bill Murray as aimless slob-turned-Army recruit John Winger, whose hijinks land him and his ragtag buddies in the midst of an international scandal.  

6. Mommie Dearest

Faye Dunaway as a terrifying Joan Crawford, and Mara Hobel as daughter Christina Crawford.  

7. Clash of the Titans

The Kraken, as himself.  Not pictured: Harry Hamlin as Perseus, the mythological hero who must face many monsters in order to save his betrothed, Princess Andromeda.  

8. Nighthawks

Billy Dee Williams and Sylvester Stallone as Sergeants Matthew Fox and Deke DaSilva, who must defeat one of Europe's most deadly terrorists before he can wreak havoc on NYC. 

9. The Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell stars as scream queen Ash Williams in this tale of demonic possession and gory hijinks.  

10. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford as an intrepid archaeologist searching for the long-lost Ark of the Covenant, in this first installment of the Indiana Jones films.