Janet - Costume Guide

As Seen in Rocky Horror Picture Show

woman looks surprised and wears a white cardigan and pink dress

Ideally, we'd have an outfit for all occasions, but if you need an outfit you can wear to an Annual Transylvanian Convention or the Junior Chamber of Commerce. You can't go wrong with what Janet wore in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • By all appearances, the outfit is fit for a day trip or for going into Rocky's birth tank. You'll need a pink dress with a Peter Pan collar with six white plastic buttons, a pair of shorts underneath and a pink belt to match the dress.
  • Then you'll just need a pair of white heels paired with a white long-sleeved cardigan.
  • Since there's no telling if you'll be turned into statues or forced to perform in a live cabaret show this Halloween, you must have an outfit where you're prepared.