Jake Ryan - Costume Guide

As Seen in Sixteen Candles

man wearing plaid shirt and khaki pants

Samantha's love interest in Sixteen Candles is Jake, a strange popular guy that is probably a bit too trusting. We will show you the way to assemble your Jake costume.

  • His outfit is fairly straight forward: he rocks a red plaid long-sleeve button-up with a brown belt and brown loafers.
  • But the piece de resistance is the khaki pants he wears with an incredible amount of pockets. Yes, in the movie he picked up Samantha's sex quiz and has to carry it, but why would he need to carry that much stuff? And what would he carry?
  • So if you really want to be Jake from Sixteen Candles you might need more baggage.
  • You'll also need a solid brown leather watch and for full authenticity you'll need a red 1984 Porsche 944.