Heather Duke ("Green Heather") - Costume Guide

As Seen in Heathers

woman wearing green blazer and skirt, white button up shirt, and holding croquet mallet

New for 2011 is the Heather Duke costume, as inspired by the titular characters from the notorious 1989 movie of the same name. She's equal parts bookish and bulimic, cruel and comic...

  • Start with the black brooch, which we borrowed from a friend.
  • You may need a wig. Think black, with hints of red, and hairspary big.
  • You'll also need a white blouse, layered with a turqoise jacket-skirt powersuit. Our garments were provided by The Red Light, but your local thrift store will likely have reasonable facsimiles for all of them.
  • Accessorize with green tights (or knee high socks) and black flats or Mary Janes.
  • Finish the look with a croquet mallet and ball (green). We borrowed this kit from a friend, but a bit of Internet sleuthing turns up a multitude of affordable options.