Goose - Costume Guide

As Seen in Top Gun

a man with a blonde mustache wears aviator sunglasses, a sweatshirt with cut off sleeves, floral print shorts, and holds a volleyball

This Halloween, the Goose is loose and he feels the need, the need for speed.

  • The most important component of this costume is our high flying Firebird sweatshirt, as worn by our protagonist in Top Gun's homoerotic beach volleyball sequence. To stay true to the film, you'll need to chop the arms off at the shoulder seam.
  • Add a pair of aviator shades, preferrably of the square-framed variety (which ours, admittedly, are not). eBay has quite the selection, as will your local gas station or thrift store.
  • Accent with authentic dog tags, which can be found at your local Army Navy Surplus store.
  • Complete the look with a pair of tropical board shorts, volleyball, flip-flops, and athletic tape for your wrists, all of which can be sourced cheaply from your local sporting goods outlet.