Gary - Costume Guide

As Seen in Wet Hot American Summer

a man wears sunglasses, a blue t-shirt, yellow shorts and tall socks

In my campaign to bring back shorts shorts, I've decided to do another costume from Wet Hot American Summer, a movie featuring fine early 80's fashion.

  • First you'll need the right hair.
  • Proper aviator sunglasses are also necessary. Costume shops usually sell them for pretty cheap.
  • Next, pick up one of our Betty Jane Tavern shirts.
  • Then, get some yellow short shorts. American Apparel girls running shorts are always a good bet.
  • Next, some Navy blue tube socks. I got mine from American Apparel. They're pretty good, but it seems they recently made the stripes narrower for some reason...
  • Finally, a pair of old school running shoes.
  • Hunting for a group costume? Pair up with McKinley and Gene, your fellow employees at Camp Firewood, and form a hilarious trio.