Edgar Frog

The Lost Boys

For every vampire, there is a vampire hunter...

The first - and most important - element of the Edgar Frog costume is our Why Waltz t-shirt.

You'll need to keep a low-profile as you creep thru the shadows and camouflaged cargo pants will help turn the trick. I found ours at a thrift shop, but your local Army-Navy surplus store is also a good bet. An optional accent would be the red-and-black checkered flannel featured in the screen grab below.

Don't forget the red bandana, wrapped Rambo-style. And some of you may require a wig, in which case this weave looks like a reasonable facsimile of Corey Feldman's flowing locks.

Your utility kit should also include wooden stakes (we found ours at a hardware store for .50 a pop), safety googles, and a green water canon (Holy H20, Batman!). Bonus points for stuffing a rolled up comic book in your pocket.

Seal the deal with a pair of 80's high-tops.