Darla Marks

Dazed and Confused

The most exciting addition to the 2009 FIC Halloween Costume Guide is Darla Marks from Dazed and Confused. Portrayed with aplomb by a manic, bitchy Parker Posey, Marks' outfit is a testament to the staying power of '70's fashion.

Begin with the Seniors '77 tee, our newest recreation for the ladies.

The second most essential piece here are two red ketchup dispensers.

Your local restaurant supply store will work in a pinch, but we also have a limited number available for Halloween right here.

Complement with a pair of orange striped short-shorts. Hot!

Accessorize with some crescent shaped red earrings.

Punctuate the look with striped knee high socks and retro running trainers.

And finally, the whistle. You MUST have the whistle. "AIRRAID, bitches!"

Looking for a group costume? Find a friend to play Slater, the film's lovable stoner savant.