Coach Steroid - Costume Guide

As Seen in Rock 'n' Roll High School

a woman holds a clipboard and wears a green shirt, sweatpants, and has medals and whistles around her neck

We are proud to introduce the Coach Steroid costume, as inspired by 1979's camp classic, Rock & Roll High School

  • Obviously, the most important element of this ensemble is our rockin' VLHS Staff jersey.
  • To look the part of a gym teacher set adrift in the teenage wasteland, you'll need the following props: stopwatch, whistle, medal and clipboard.
  • If budget is no concern and you want to stay completely true to the period, you should go with an analog model.
  • You'll also need to find baggy, gray sweats, preferrably those with drawstrings at the waist and elastic at the ankles.
  • Complete the costume with a pair of Chuck Taylors. Coach Steroid sports (pun intended) navy blue or black (it's hard to say which) but we freelanced with red.