Chris Knight - Toxic Waste Costume Guide

As Seen in Real Genius

a man wears a corduroy blazer with a shirt that says i love toxic waste, pants held up with a green shoelace, and bunny slippers

Chris Knight has some of the most inspired fashion ever to grace the movie screen and there's nothing more dashing than this fine ensemble.

  • To start, get a nice sport coat for your interview at the ol' Laser Factory.
  • The I Heart Toxic Waste Shirt is absolutely key. I don't think I need to say any more about that.
  • An alien antenna headband is next. Be careful where you wear it though, because it chafes.
  • You should use a green shoelace to hold up your pants.
  • Get some sharp looking slacks.
  • And lastly, his signature bunny slippers. Man, I love these things.