Chris Knight

Real Genius

If you prefer a less formal Chris Knight costume, you can't go wrong with this fine outfit. It's more appropirate for test taking than job interviews

First, get a gray shirt with light blue stripes from Goodwill.

Next, you'll need one of our fine International Order for Gorillas shirts. This was the second shirt we made and it's still a fave. It even got me some free coffee last weekend! If you buy one of these gems, you'll likely recoup the shirt's cost in less than a month...

And then you need a pair of gray khakis. As usual, I recommend Goodwill

Finally, the most important item - the bunny slippers. True, he's wearing white Nike high tops during the scene (image below), I think the bunny slippers help communicate the Chris Knight essence much better. You can get a pair of bunny slippers from us here.