Cadet Mahoney

As Seen in Police Academy

a man wears curly hair, a sleeveless shirt that says one in the oven, short jean shorts, and carries a suitcase

For those who want to show some skin this Halloween season...

  • The most important element of this costume is our One in the Oven shirt, worn by Mahoney on the very first day of class. If you want to stay true to the source material, remove the sleeves and the trim the tails. This baby, pardon the pun, should come up above your waist. Adds holes and spots for a little grit.
  • The second element of this costume - a pair of revealing, cut-off denim shorts - shouldn't be too difficult to track down. Trim a pair of jeans you don't wear often or hit your neighborhood thrift store.
  • Next, you'll want a pair of low-fi Adidas kicks.
  • Complement the look with an afro whig cut down to give it a messy, unkempt appearance, just like Carey Mahoney!
  • And finally, to look the part of a rookie recruit, you'll need a suitcase, preferably something old and beat.